£10 to £1,000 Challenge Tips

We are taking small steps every day in the attempt to turn £10 into £1,000 with our betting challenge. Bookmark this page, join us on this journey, and let’s land some nice wins together! 

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What is our £10 to £1,000 challenge and how does it work? 

Our team of betting experts will do their part daily, finding the best low odds bet for the day. Then, we will place a £10 bet on that selection with the aim to increase the bankroll and get one step closer to turning it into £1,000. 

This type of challenge is mainly for fun, and the number of bets required to reach the final goal can vary depending on the odds. On average, it will take around 18 correct predictions to turn £10 into £1,000. 

The odds we aim for are usually between 1/10 and 4/9. The most common markets you will find here are double chances, over 1.5 goals, and banker bets placed on big favorites. 

Please keep in mind that this type of challenge requires patience and discipline, so there might be days when we skip placing a bet if we don’t recognize a solid banker. Like every other section on our website, the £10 to £1,000 football challenge is free of cost and available to everyone who signs up with their email address. Simply visit this page daily and check our progress above. 

Free Football Predictions 

If the £10 to £1,000 challenge is not your cup of tea, we offer plenty of other types of bets on the website, ranging from daily accumulators, both teams to score picks, doubles, trebles, anytime goalscorer predictions, and more. 

We are not strictly tied to top European leagues, as some lesser-known leagues often offer much better value bets than the Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, or Serie A games. 


How often does your £10 to £1,000 betting challenge win? 

The £10 to £1,000 betting challenge is one of the latest additions to our predictions website, so it will take some time to accumulate stats and determine if this form of betting is profitable or not. It’s definitely not for everyone, as it requires time and discipline to find around 20 consecutive banker winning bets. 

Do you only use football matches for the £10 to £1,000 challenge? 

Most of our experts and analysts are football aficionados, so we prefer using football bets to complete the challenge. However, if there is nothing on the football table during the offseason, we might pick a bet or two from basketball or another sport. 

What bookmakers are the best to run the £10 to £1,000 challenge? 

We don’t have a definitive answer to this question, as none of them offer a specific promotion or bonus for this type of betting. It would be best to browse through our deals tab, check out the latest promos, and pick the most suitable offer for your betting style.